Why I Paint

Why I Paint

As an artist, I love learning about the ‘why’ behind other artists’ works. That got me thinking about my own reasons for painting, so today I am sharing some of the reasons why I paint. There are so many reasons why I do what I do, but here are five that really stand out. 

Why I Paint 

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Reason Why I Paint #1 - Because I Have To 

Here is a little history behind my journey into painting. 

After leaving my corporate career to focus on my family, I found myself wanting more. Then in 2019, I “randomly” took a class from Sara Kay Art Studio, and I discovered a passion. I had created for most of my life, but it had never felt like this. I believe it’s no coincidence that this came after praying to God to show me how to find contentment within my season of raising children, and how to contribute more to the world. So the number one reason why I paint is because I have to

I have to be true to myself and how God is leading me. I don’t always understand it, but my life is now incomplete without creating colorful joy for your homes and offices. 

Reason Why I Paint #2 - For the Business of It (Yes, you read that right!)  

Many people don’t realize that being an artist also means being an entrepreneur. And I have learned that I love the business side of art. As a self-proclaimed “middle-brained” person, I feel off balance if I’m not giving both sides of my brain equal playing time. I need to flex the whimsical right brain muscle to create colorful abstract art, and then tap into the trusty left brain to find that art a new home. To me it’s the best of both worlds! 

It can be a challenging balance at times, but I have found that I need to pay attention to those little nudges telling me when one side of my brain needs a break. Sometimes that looks like bouncing from canvas to computer screen 10 times a day, but that’s the fun part. 

[Supporting fellow artists’ businesses is something I am passionate about. And this actually doesn’t have to be by buying their work. I shared lots of ways you can do so in this post.]

Reason Why I Paint #3 - For the Art Supplies and Office Supplies

Notebooks and gel pens? Cute scissors? Colorful Sharpies and Post-it Notes? Yes please! 

The art world caters to the supply-obsessed, too. I know that every time I’m out of white paint, I’m coming home with at least one new paint color, a new brush, and probably something completely new to me just to figure out what to do with it. A trip to the art supply store is heaven. To me, this is where the joy is! 

Reason Why I Paint #4 - Connection 

The new connections I’ve made through art and entrepreneurship have completely changed me, and the reconnections with people from my past have meant the world. As I shared above, art came to me at a time when I needed to create an identity separate from mom and wife. I love those titles, but my soul needs a professional identity as well. I had to stop denying that. The connections I’ve made since then as I’ve embraced this new professional identity have been life-changing. It has been such a great ride so far, and I pray daily for direction and deeper connections to continue to come. 

Reason Why I Paint #5 - To (Finally) Stand Out!

Last, and probably most momentous - painting has allowed me to grow confidence in ways I never imagined. 

I have a feeling many can relate to this: When you grow up trying to fit in and please everyone, you become an adult trying to fit in and please everyone. Then you approach 40 and get really friggin’ tired of it. 

After almost five years of learning the art world from following others, I’m gaining confidence in this space. It is ironic to me that the more I stand out, the more confident I feel. 

Searching for Oklahoma Painters? 

For all of these reasons, and so many more, I’m so thankful for what I get to do as an artist. Painting colorful works for your home or office brings me enormous amounts of joy. If you have been searching for Oklahoma painters to create a special piece, I would love to chat with you about a commission

You deserve colorful joy in your space.

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