How to Support Artists During the Holidays + Other Gifting Seasons

How to Support Artists During the Holidays + Other Gifting Seasons

As an Oklahoma artist, a question I hear sometimes is how to support artists, especially during gifting seasons such as the holidays. Purchasing original artwork as gifts is a great way to break out of the routine and give something that is much more personal and less cookie-cutter. Whether it’s the holidays or other gift-giving seasons such as the spring with teacher gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, you name it - supporting artists by gifting original art is very rewarding.   

Today I’m sharing 7 specific ways that you can support artists during seasons like this. And they’re not all monetary ways either, believe it or not! Keep reading for some fun ideas.  

Julie Boyd fine artist painted notebooks


How to Support Artists During the Holidays + Other Gifting Seasons

#1 Share Their Work on Social Media

A great way to support artists during the holidays (and all year) is to share their work on social media! Telling others about artists you love by sharing their social posts, posting about something you’ve purchased from them, or sharing pop-up shop information is incredibly valuable. Anytime and any way you can endorse an artist it’s worth so much, so don’t be shy. As an Oklahoma artist myself, I love to promote the work of my fellow local artists this way.  

#2 Shop Their Holiday Products

Many artists create pieces for the holidays specifically, so be sure to check out what they are offering! Many will paint ornaments, offer prints, and other useful products with their art on them. Think wrapping paper, notebooks, cards, tea towels, mugs, bags, etc.! This is a great way to support local artists in your community. It’s also a great idea for that friend or family member who already has “everything.” Giving a unique piece of art really makes the recipient feel extra special.  

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#3 Gift Certificates

Another way to support artists during gifting seasons is to purchase gift certificates. This is especially great when you know you want to give a piece of art as a gift, but you’re unsure of the recipient’s specific taste. Gift certificates allow the recipient to select the perfect piece for them, or perhaps even commission something special, and you get to support the artist through your purchase. 

#4 Go in With Siblings to Gift Parents

Gifting parents with an original piece of art is an incredible way to express your love and gratitude to them. However large pieces often come with a large price tag. So, going in with siblings or other family members is an affordable way to bless parents with an original piece. I recently wrote in this blog post about how significant pieces of art can actually become family heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next. What a meaningful gift to parents from the entire family! 

#5 Shop Art and Craft Fairs 

One of my favorite ways to support artists is to shop at local art and craft fairs. Yes, Target gift cards are super easy gifts, but shopping with a room full of makers is way more fun! You can get so many ideas for everyone on your list - and probably something for yourself, too. Art and craft fairs usually take place throughout the year, so they are a great way to shop during any gifting season, not just the holidays. This website is a great resource to find upcoming fairs near you. 

#6 Commission Something Meaningful 

When people think of commissioning artwork, what often comes to mind is something large and grand. But that doesn’t actually need to be the case - you can commission a smaller yet meaningful piece. Things like house portraits, pet portraits, special landscapes, or other unique commissions make amazing gifts for lots of different occasions. Just be sure to get a start on it early to ensure the artist is able to complete your piece in the time that you need.

#7 Send Coffee

Like other small business owners, artists wear lots of different hats. And even outside of their business, many also wear parent and spouse hats. So something as simple as sending your artist friend coffee goes a long way! 

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Hopefully these ideas have got your wheels turning on some more unique gift ideas! 

If you are looking for some unique gifts this season, take a moment to check out my shop! I have lots of fun pieces for sale that are sure to delight those on your list.  

Oklahoma artist painted ornaments

Julie Boyd Oklahoma artist painted ornaments


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