8 Reasons to Buy Original Art

8 Reasons to Buy Original Art

Buying original art adds to the quality of your life. 

It’s true! While it’s certainly less expensive in the short term to purchase your art from your local big box store, the benefits of owning original artwork truly outweigh the additional cost of purchasing from an artist or gallery. 

Many people believe that owning original art is a luxury reserved for the wealthy, but that doesn’t have to be the case! As an Oklahoma City artist, I’m sharing 8 reasons to buy original art from your favorite artist - and I think you will find that it is a lot more approachable than you may think. 

8 Reasons to Buy Original Art

#1 - It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Buying original art doesn’t have to mean purchasing an exclusive piece that costs the equivalent of a small vehicle. You can start small! Many artists create a range of pieces at various price points. One of my favorite things to create are smaller pieces because it often means being able to work with first-time buyers. 

And just like investing in quality pieces for your wardrobe, investing in original art actually helps you save money over time - you will stop changing your decor to keep up with trends or every time you get tired of your generic decor. Original art is something you connect with so you won’t want to get rid of it.

#2 - Supporting Artists You Like Makes You Feel Awesome

There is such a feeling of satisfaction that comes with supporting a local artist, especially when it is one you have a connection with. The artwork itself will bring you joy when you look at it in your home, and you will also feel so great knowing your purchase supported an artist’s business. 

Oklahoma City artist small printsPhoto credit: Spark and Soul Media

#3 - Original Art Makes Your Home Unique

I used to decorate with cookie-cutter, inexpensive pieces found at local big-box retailers. Then I owned my first original piece – well before I started painting. Owning original art changed the way we felt about how we decorated our home, and we love finding ways to create the individualized look we’re seeking.

Selecting a piece of artwork is an expression of your unique, true self. Original art collectors like you look for pieces you identify with emotionally as well as visually, so owning and displaying  original artwork is an opportunity to express yourself to others who come into your home or office. Additionally, it also keeps you connected to the artist you love. 

Oklahoma City artist Julie Boyd painting

Photo Credit: Sonja Marie Photography

#4 - Original Art Tells Stories 

Whether you identify with the story the artist had in mind when creating your piece, or the piece tells a story personal to you, there is always meaning and stories behind art. Owning and displaying it is an opportunity for you to express yourself to your family and loved ones through stories.  

 #5 - Original Art Becomes Part of Your Legacy 

I have painted for several people who have artwork that was passed down to them from parents and grandparents, and they cherish it. Original pieces that you invest in can become family heirlooms that your future generations will love and adore! 

#6 - Original Art is a Way to Celebrate Accomplishments 

As original art can sometimes be a bit of an investment, it is a great way to celebrate an accomplishment. Milestones in life and personal and professional accomplishments all deserve to be celebrated, so what better way than with a purchase of artwork created specifically for you? 

Oklahoma City artist framed painting

Photo credit: Spark and Soul Media

 #7 - Original Art Makes Amazing Gifts

Gifting original artwork makes the recipient feel so much more cherished and understood. It’s a great way to give something truly unique! Many artists create pieces of all different sizes and investment levels, so it is absolutely possible to gift a piece of original art and stay within your budget.

#8 - Original Art Gives You a Sense of Pride 

Last but not least - and actually my favorite reason to buy original art, is that it gives you a tremendous sense of pride. I LOVE to see the pride people feel when they buy original art. It’s a feeling like no other. You get to say to yourself, “Heck yeah, I am the one who owns that piece!”   

Ways to Buy Original Art

As I’ve mentioned in this post, many artists create works ranging in size as well as price point, so purchasing original art is certainly affordable! As an Oklahoma City artist, I love to create original abstract paintings as well as prints that fill spaces with color and joy. Prints and original paintings of mine do range in size and price point as I love working with first-time buyers.  Owning original art adds so much value to your life - I encourage you to visit my shop or inquire about commissions!  


Oklahoma City artist small prints

Photo credit: Spark and Soul Media

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