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Jesus Take the Wheel | 24"x24" Original Abstract

Jesus Take the Wheel | 24"x24" Original Abstract

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The process of creating acrylic pour pieces holds parallels to life. You plan the colors, measure the paint and pour medium (being careful to only stir one direction) and get everything set just right. Then you say a prayer, apply the paint and give it to God.

The end result is a beautiful mix of preparation and Jesus. I'm grateful he was feeling generous the day I poured this piece and its partner "A Whole Lot of Jesus" shown together in the last two photos.

- Canvas measures 24"x24".
- Navy blue, peachy orange, muted yellow, sage green and white blend together to create a piece full of texture and movement.
- Paint drips down each side so looks great unframed, but I can help you source one if preferred.
- Sealed to protect against light and water damage.

Please feel free to ask for more photos. I offer 7 days to return if it's just not right in your space. 
Currently on display at WhyHR in Oklahoma City. Please allow extra time for delivery.

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